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Nelnet is a US-based company primarily involved in the management and repayment of student loans education financial services. It is was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska. After the acquisition of the Great Lakes Educational Loan Services, Inc, Nelnet became the largest student loan provider company in the US, managing over $397 billion and about 42% of all the student loans in the USA.

Nelnet has been contracted with the US Department of Education to manage federal student loans. If you take out a federal loan then it could that your loan is assigned to Nelnet which will act as your servicer and manage your loan. Nelnet also manages some private student loans which are outsourced to Nelnet.

Nelnet Repayment Options

Just like any other federal loan servicer, Nelnet has the same options for repayment as established by the US Department of Education and if you don’t qualify for any other option, then Nelnet will automatically enroll you in the standard payment plan where a fixed payment has to be made over the course of 10 years.

There are various methods of paying your student loan payments including an online portal, mobile apps, mail, through your bank or your phone, and automatic payment. The best option is automatic payment where the amount will be deducted from your balance each month and you can check your statement to make sure that the company hasn’t charge you extra.

Nelnet Loan Forbearance

If your loan happens to be managed by Nelnet and it is your loan provider then you can qualify for the loan forgiveness program, depending on your career, income and other factors.

Public Service Loan Forgiveness: If you happen to be an employee in the public sector or work as a full-time volunteer in the PeaceCorps or Ameri Corps then you can apply for the PSLF program and after you meet the requirements, your loan could be forgiven entirely by the US Department of Education.

Total and Permanent Disability Discharge: For people who are disabled completely then they can apply for the TPD Discharge program and after submitting the required documents, their loans can be forgiven completely.

Teacher Loan Forgiven: If you are a teacher and have student loans then after meeting the requirements you can be eligible for the Teacher Loan Forgiveness Program.

There are certain other programs including:

  • School closure discharge
  • False certification discharge
  • Unpaid refund discharge

Nelnet Contact Information

You can contact Nelnet through the following methods:

Contact Form:


U.S: 1-888-486- 4722

International: 1-303-696-3625

(Monday – Friday 8 AM – 10 PM ET)